Locum Tenens

Company NameE-mailPhone
AB Staffing Solutions, Inc[email protected]888-515-3900 x200
Acute Care Locum Tenens, LLC[email protected]888-213-1233 x139
Advantage Locums, LLC[email protected]877-301-4045
All Medical Personnel[email protected]954-922-9696
All-Star Recruiting[email protected]800-928-0229
Alliance Recruiting Resources, Inc[email protected]800-759-8203
AMS Locums/Assurgent Medical Solutions[email protected]877-842-6833
Aureus Medical[email protected]402-891-1118
Catalina Medical Recruiters[email protected]800-657-0354
Catapult Healthcare[email protected]888-562-8678
CompHealth[email protected]800-453-3030
Concorde Staff Source[email protected]800-334-6407
CoreMedical Group dba of Circharo Acquisition Corp[email protected]603-893-4515
D&Y[email protected]800-955-1919
Delta Locum Tenens[email protected]877-456-2867
Docs Who Care[email protected]913-397-7800
DR Wanted.com LLC[email protected]404-994-3010
Easter Medical Staffing[email protected]512-374-1876
ERgency, LLC[email protected]734-995-3764
Eskridge & Associates[email protected]512-244-7023
Executive Clilnical Services, LLC[email protected]866-369-0158
FCS, Inc.[email protected]800-783-9152 x226
Global Medical Staffing[email protected]800-760-3174
Goldfish Locum Tenens[email protected]877-413-0763
Harris Medical Associates, LLC[email protected]800-980-2385
Hayes Locums[email protected]888-837-3172
Healthcare Connections, LLC[email protected]800-444-8479
Hofmann Gale Medical Staffing[email protected]331-777-5247
HospitalistDirect[email protected]610-391-1502
IMP Locum Tenens, LLC[email protected]716-689-6000
Integrity Healthcare Locums, LLC[email protected]800-479-5028 x 27
Interim Physicians, LLC[email protected]800-381-7660
Jackson & Coker, Inc.[email protected]800-272-2707
KPS Locums[email protected]877-909-9930
Linde Healthcare[email protected]858-350-3240
Locum Leaders[email protected]877-562-8656
Locums Unlimited, LLC[email protected]619-550-3760
LocumTenens.com[email protected]678-690-7910
Maxim Physician Resources[email protected]214-741-0700
MD Staff Pointe[email protected]985-871-4010
Med-Link Staffing, Inc[email protected]877-977-3444
Medestar[email protected]214-932-1411
Medical Doctor Associates, LLC[email protected]800-780-3500
Medical Search International[email protected]973-301-2100 x803
Medicus Healthcare Solutions, LLC[email protected]855-301-0563
MedPartners Locum Tenens, Inc[email protected]954-282-6074
Medstaff National Medical Staffing[email protected]800-476-3275
Mint Physician Staffing[email protected]866-312-1177
National Medical Resources, Inc.[email protected]701-221-9997
Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC[email protected]770-623-4402
Next Medical Staffing[email protected]877-480-6398
Nortek Medical Staffing, Inc.[email protected]877-426-2021
Onyx M.D. Locum Tenens Staffing[email protected]877-466-9963
Physician Resources, Inc.[email protected]713-522-5355
Pinnacle Locum Tenens, LLC[email protected]404-591-4240
ProCenture Healthcare Solutions[email protected]281-915-1630
Quest Healthcare Solutions[email protected]404-645-7605
Randstad Healthcare[email protected]512-287-7022
SourcingMD[email protected]914-721-0720
StaffCare, Inc.[email protected]858-350-3240
SUMO Medical Staffing dba of Medical Search[email protected]801-251-0502
Supplemental Physicians[email protected]888-379-2365
The Execu-Search Group[email protected]212-204-5102
The Locums Company, LLC[email protected]828-439-9901
TIVA Healthcare, Inc.[email protected]800-506-8482
Top Docs, Inc.[email protected]866-867-3621
VISTA Staffing Solutions[email protected]800-366-1884
Vitruvian Medical[email protected]866-957-4600
Weatherby Healthcare[email protected]954-837-2570
Western Healthcare, LLC[email protected]800-971-4131
AB Staffing Solutions, Inc
Acute Care Locum Tenens, LLC
Advantage Locums, LLC
All Medical Personnel
All-Star Recruiting
Alliance Recruiting Resources, Inc
AMS Locums/Assurgent Medical Solutions
Aureus Medical
Catalina Medical Recruiters
Catapult Healthcare
Concorde Staff Source
CoreMedical Group dba of Circharo Acquisition Corp
Delta Locum Tenens
Docs Who Care
DR Wanted.com LLC
Easter Medical Staffing
ERgency, LLC
Eskridge & Associates
Executive Clilnical Services, LLC
FCS, Inc.
Global Medical Staffing
Goldfish Locum Tenens
Harris Medical Associates, LLC
Hayes Locums
Healthcare Connections, LLC
Hofmann Gale Medical Staffing
IMP Locum Tenens, LLC
Integrity Healthcare Locums, LLC
Interim Physicians, LLC
Jackson & Coker, Inc.
KPS Locums
Linde Healthcare
Locum Leaders
Locums Unlimited, LLC
Maxim Physician Resources
MD Staff Pointe
Med-Link Staffing, Inc
Medical Doctor Associates, LLC
Medical Search International
Medicus Healthcare Solutions, LLC
MedPartners Locum Tenens, Inc
Medstaff National Medical Staffing
Mint Physician Staffing
National Medical Resources, Inc.
Nationwide Locum Tenens, LLC
Next Medical Staffing
Nortek Medical Staffing, Inc.
Onyx M.D. Locum Tenens Staffing
Physician Resources, Inc.
Pinnacle Locum Tenens, LLC
ProCenture Healthcare Solutions
Quest Healthcare Solutions
Randstad Healthcare
StaffCare, Inc.
SUMO Medical Staffing dba of Medical Search
Supplemental Physicians
The Execu-Search Group
The Locums Company, LLC
TIVA Healthcare, Inc.
Top Docs, Inc.
VISTA Staffing Solutions
Vitruvian Medical
Weatherby Healthcare
Western Healthcare, LLC