How this physician lives his life in the margins

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Do you ever have that “aha!” moment? That moment when a revelation hits you with such a level of intensity that your physical being is jolted. Attention is obtained as if a Louisville slugger or defibrillator pad made contact at an opportune moment. That moment of revelation when a crimson string interwoven through the fabric of your life makes a connection, transcending childhood, college, young adulthood, professional and personal relationships. All of a sudden, memories flood in at the speed of light — coalescing into a head of revelation. I had one of those moments.

Emergency medicine is an intense, full-contact profession. We live in the trenches of life and death while wading the waters of government regulations, insurance carriers and best practices. Full engagement is essential often making it difficult to disengage when we leave the bay doors. My personal haven or disengagement comes in the way of an elevated heart rate, ear buds and a sweat laden endeavor. This is my time to decompress, reflect and refuel. Whether I’m lifting weights, pounding the pavement on a midnight run or strapped in the saddle of my road bike, it makes no difference. This is where I refuel, clear my head and return to baseline. During these pilgrimages I listen to the sounds of Sinatra, interlaced with a little Lecrae or Queen, finishing up with a TED talk or podcast. It’s my mosaic, duplicated daily with intrinsic variation.

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