This is who’s to blame for the opioid crisis

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“Do not get caught” seems to be the real rule of the law in South Florida, where I live.

I was trained to limit the use of controlled substances, narcotics, hypnotics and sedatives. Their use can affect consciousness, ability to drive a car and work.  More severe consequences include respiratory depression and overdose from too high of a dosage or mixing too many medications and over the counter items.

The Joint Commission, medicine’s good housekeeping seal of approval authority, along with major medical organizations have accused clinicians of undertreating pain. “Pain is the fifth vital sign,” they said.

This was accompanied by professional society leadership and academic researchers receiving grants from pharmaceutical companies touting the newer longer-acting pain medications which “have very little addictive potential.” We were then informed we would be receiving evaluations and scores of our treatments of pain which would influence our reimbursement if we under treated pain.

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